Why visual branding makes sense

Browsing through my smartphone photos lately I stumbled upon this duet of pictures, which not only document a funny coincidence but also illustrate the value of visual branding.


Rambo at The Office in Cabo San Lucas, Mexico

The first picture was taken at the Southern tip of the Mexican Baja California Peninsula in Cabo San Lucas. Looking for a place to eat, locals recommended “The Office” as it was right on the beach and supposed to offer great food. Besides the fact that the place was outrageously full of Mexican cliché, the stay was indeed pleasant. After the dinner, Rambo, the smart guy with the yellow/blue sombrero and the pistol on his belt, invited me for a photo.


Rambo visiting Marienplatz in the city of Munich, Germany

The second picture was taken in the city of Munich almost one year later, when I suddenly ran into Rambo again. And he was not alone, he came with 40 (!) staff of The Office to visit the Oktoberfest – which suggests that their restaurant is still doing pretty well, by the way. So, how big are chances to spot some random guy, after one year, totally out of context, in a crowded place? Almost zero – unless that guy has left a visual signature in your brain that helps you to recall and recognize him once he appears in your sight. This is the basic principle of visual branding. And whether you like the outfit or not, Rambo is doing an excellent job, both as a symbol and as an ambassador.

And what about the food? Los Cabos certainly offers hundreds of great places to eat. How would you decide, which of them would you recommend? So in case you get there, check out The Office. And after that, pay a visit to the local fish taco shops.